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Unbundled Services GTS

Our Unbundled Services GTS enable you to create tailor made storage services according to your needs. You can either combine the Unbundled Services Injection Rate, Withdrawal Rate and Working Gas Volume or combine Bundled and Unbundled Services.

The minimum Service Period for the Unbundled Services is 1 day.

The following products are available to you in the context of unbundled services:

Injection Rate

at least 1 MWh/h and additional in increments of 1 MW

Withdrawal Rate

at least 1 MWh/h and additional in increments of 1 MW

Working Gas Volume

at least 1 GWh and additional in increments of 1 GWh

On Customer request or in case of unavailability of firm capacities, all Unbundled Services are also available on interruptible basis.

Etzel UBS GTS WGV (PDF, 118,7 KB)
Etzel UBS EIL ENL GTS (PDF, 52,5 KB)