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OMV Gas Storage conducts auctions several times a year.  Users have the opportunity to purchase bundled annual products consisting of injection capacity, withdrawal capacity and working gas volume.

OMV Gas Storage Germany GmbH auctions GTS/TTF - storage capacities at the OMV Storage Etzel ESE on 27th February.
225 GWh will be offered for the service period from 1. April 2020 to 1. April 2021 via PRISMA.
In the course of a keyed procedure 15 Bundles, each consisting of the following partial services will be offered:

1. April 2020 until 1. April 2021:
Injection Rate (firm):              8,1 MWh/h
Withdrawal Rate (firm):         10,5 MWh/h
Working Gas Volume (firm): 15.000 MWh

All relevant documents for the auction can be found on the PRISMA-marketing platform

We are looking forward to your bid.

Andreas Lederbauer
Tel.: +43 (1) 40 440-28141