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Unbundled Services NETRA

Product: Variable Value (V²)

Service period: 01.01.2021 – 01.04.2021 (monthly basis)

Total capacity from/to NETRA:
Injection rate interruptible:
Withdrawal rate interruptible:
Working gas volume interruptible:

800 MWh/h
800 MWh/h
75,000 MWh

The storage fee for this product consists of a fixed and a variable storage service fee. The Customer is responsible for the optimization and monetization of the value of the allocated storage capacities and makes his best effort to maximize the value and profit of the allocated storage capacities. The proven generated profits will be shared with OGSG as part of the storage fees.

Fixed fee:

EUR 10,000 / year

Energy costs:
Energy surcharge:

EUR 0.49 for each injected MWh by Customer
EUR 0.08 for each injected MWh by Customer

(for products with an inventory turnover < 10 days)

Variable Value:

50 % of the total Profit generated by Customer
The Variable Value can never be negative

The capacities are allocated on a first-come first service basis.
For more details, please contact Andreas Lederbauer (+43 664 612 00 81)