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OMV Gas Storage conducts auctions on the CEGH storage marketing platform several times a year. There, registered users have the opportunity to purchase bundled annual products consisting of injection capacity, withdrawal capacity and working gas volume.
In addition, existing storage customers can take part in day-ahead-auctions and purchase additional injection or withdrawal capacity on a daily basis.

The day ahead auction offers to our customers the opportunity to purchase additional injection or withdrawal capacities for the next gas day or the upcoming weekend.

Procedure of our Day Ahead Auction:

  • The customer concludes a framework agreement with OMV Gas Storage
  • OMV Gas Storage sends each day an e-mail to the participating customers with the offered capacities to be auctioned for the following day or weekend
  • The customer sends his bid by email to OMV Gas Storage
  • OMV Gas Storage allocates capacity to the highest bidder

 Further Information:

Extra Services – Day Ahead Auction (PDF, 205,2 KB)
Framework Agreement – Day Ahead Auction (PDF, 134,8 KB)

Dear Customer,

OMV Gas Storage GmbH auctions on the storage marketing platform of CEGH firm storage capacities (bundles consisting of Working Gas Volume, Injection Rate & Withdrawal Rate) for the service period from 1 April 2021, 06:00 to 1 April 2022, 06:00.

The auction will take place in the period from 14 September 2020 to 29 October 2020 on a working day (Tue, Wed, Thu) from 10:00 to 15:00 hrs. The auction will be announced in a separate e-mail until 12:00 hrs on the day before the auction. OMV Gas Storage GmbH reserves the right to conduct several or no auctions during the specified period.

Each offered bundle consists of the following partial services:

Injection Rate (firm):
Withdrawal Rate (firm):
Working Gas Volume (firm):

8 MWh/h
8 MWh/h
17000 MWh

The number of offered bundles will be defined before the auction.

Here are the most important details:

  • Submission of bid via CEGH Gas Storage Marketing Platform or e-mail!
  • Energy costs included!
  • Exceeding of contractual limits at any time!
  • Booking of additional firm/interruptible Unbundled Services (Injection Rate, Withdrawal Rate, Working Gas Volume) possible at any time!

Further information can be found here: Product information and marketing procedure .

We would be glad to receive your bid(s) and are available for any question you may have!

Contact person storage-pool Austria

Harald Grabner
Tel.: +43 (1) 40 440-28142

Werner Grün
Tel.: +43 (1) 40 440-28145